I am a textile and mixed media artist living by the sea in West Sussex. Long walks beachcombing, exploring the South Downs and time spent in my seaside garden often inspire my pieces.

Over the years, my passion for textiles has lead me to exploring a variety of textile and mixed media processes. Through these processes I am constantly discovering new ways of looking at and using textiles.

I have a keen interest in recycling and repurposing what I can, and I often continue this practice into my artwork. From bubble wrap to vintage linens I love to see how I can reuse textiles.

I also have a deep love of animals and, having worked with them for many years, I find them sneaking into my work from time to time.

Being drawn to colour, I find the changing seasons a constant delight and inspiration for my work. The vibrant colour palette I often use, is my way of conveying the joy I feel when immersed in the natural world around me. I wish, hopefully, to create pieces that are joyful and uplifting.

I run a variety of workshops throughout the year.

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Please contact me with any inquires you may have or for further information on the upcoming workshops. I will respond as soon as I can.

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